Lucy Howell was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Her parents moved to Miami, Florida when she was a young child. Her family moved around quite a bit, as her parents bought homes to remodel and flip. Lucy and her three siblings grew up bearing witness to her parent’s entrepreneurial passion to breathe new life to old, neglected homes. When in her teens, Lucy’s parents moved the family up to Tampa Bay area, where she has resided for over 30 years.

Throughout the years, after working in different career fields, ranging from accounting to ministry, Lucy’s passion grew for working with and helping people in different facets. Lucy obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has been working as a counselor, helping individuals live their best life. As she has experienced the fulfillment of helping individuals in the counseling arena, she has come to understand that choosing the perfect home plays a part in the growth and progression of an individual living their best life.

As a licensed Realtor, Lucy brings her experience from helping people, and building lasting relationships, to help individuals find their dream home. Lucy is very family-oriented, honest, loyal, empathetic and a strong communicator, and she loves people. Lucy believes that a great home is essential in building a strong foundation for a family.

Lucy can be reached by phone 352 610 2088 or email –